Based on the recommendations (& many photos) by Fun Playing with Food’s Nancy Heller we decided to try Wonton Gourmet for lunch one day last week. The restaurant itself is small but clean and with a modern décor. The menu is standard Chinese restaurant fare with the exception of the many soup options.

Ben and I decided to share the shrimp dumpling soup with egg noodles, which was quite good. The broth had a nice flavor but was not too salty and the dumplings had large pieces of shrimp as well as some kind of sausage. I ordered the egg roll, Ben the spring roll. Both had a similar filling of shredded cabbage, carrots and pork and were cooked to order. We also split the lunch special, General Tso’s Chicken with fried rice. We were impressed by the spiciness of this dish, as our experience has been mixed with food rated spicy at Chinese restaurants. While the fried rice was simple, it had a great flavor.

We were most impressed that the food seemed to arrive at our table fresh from the stove. Everything was piping hot. We also thought the bill–$12–was more than reasonable. We’re looking forward to trying some more of the soups at Wonton Gourmet. Thanks Nancy for a great recommendation!

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  • Stuart

    There are some very interesting things on Wonton’s menu. The baked pork chop over spaghetti is weird. It’s the Hong Kong take on Western Spaghetti. I’m fascinated by how Chinese cuisine adapts foreign influences and influences others.

  • Plays With Food

    Did you check out both of the menus? There is a large blue one, and a small yellow one. The smaller one has just been updated to include most of the dishes that used to be on wall banners (in Chinese characters only). There are lots of wonderful Hong Kong style treats on the small menu! Ignore the paper take out menu — no Chinese characters = American Chinese food.

    Let us know when you visit them again!

  • Simone

    I am glad you had a good experience at Wonton Gourmet. I love their dishes and actually have been going there quite often lately. I highly recommend the Duck with dumplings and Egg Noodles. I also recommend the Chive Potstickers, they are delicious!